Types of Progressive Jackpots

Types of Progressive Jackpots


There all sorts of different types of online slots. Those who have played slots online know that the games vary in terms of theme, paylines, reels, symbols, and of course the jackpot size. Games which come with a jackpot that isn’t fixed, i.e. that grows depending on how many wagers have been made are called progressive jackpot games, or progressive jackpots, or just progressives. Just as there are different types of slots, there are various types of progressive jackpots. Although progressive jackpots are a sub-variant of online slots, but we can still distinguish between different kinds of progressives.

Popularity Of Progressive Jackpots

Firstly, let’s have a look at the main reasons behind progressive jackpots’ popularity. Well, there is actually one key reason – the jackpot amount. Some online slots feature progressive jackpots where the amount can exceed £10 million, in fact such a jackpot has been hit on more than few occasions so far.

So, obviously, out of all types of progressive jackpots, the ones that feature jackpots above £1 million are the most popular ones, but that’s not the only categorisation of progressive jackpot games. Where, there is a type of progressive jackpots that generally features higher jackpots, but we’ll get to that.

Two Main Types Of Progressive Jackpots

The two types of progressive jackpots actually match the two main types of slots – land-based progressive jackpots and online progressive jackpots.

Land-Based Progressive Jackpots

These are progressive jackpot games that are featured at land-based casinos, in Las Vegas, Macau, but perhaps you might even find a progressive slot machine at your local casino. Even when it comes to land-based progressive jackpots, we can still distinguish two types of land-based progressive games – standalone progressive games and in-house or proprietary progressive jackpots. Standalone games can sometimes also be proprietary, but that rarely is the case.

A standalone game is a slot machine that is not connected to other machines. This are not too common games, but you may still find them. A percentage of all funds staked on a such slot machine are calculated towards the progressive jackpot amount and the jackpot prize grows with each wager. You can’t expect to win massive jackpot amounts on these games, but they can still be fun.

The in-house progressive jackpot games refer to groups of slot machines at the same land-based casino that are linked and part of the same network. As the slot machines are connected, every wager on each of the linked slot machines is calculated towards the jackpot prize.

Types Of Progressive Jackpots - Online

Speaking of online progressive jackpot games, we will firstly need to cover the games that feature the highest prizes – i.e. the jackpots that exceed £10 million or more. These are progressive slots that are commonly produced by the leading online slots developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. In fact, the top progressive slots have been produced by NetEnt and Microgaming, so if you’re looking for progressive slots that feature multi-million jackpots, here are some titles for you – Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. These are the two most popular progressive jackpot games.

In addition to these, so called wide area progressives, there are also random progressive games. These can feature more than one progressive jackpot prize, two, three or even up to four.

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Echtgeld Online-Slots

Es macht Spaß, Online-Slots zu spielen, und dabei haben Sie die Möglichkeit einen Geldpreis zu gewinnen. Natürlich gibt es keine Garantien, aber jeder hofft, dass es ihm gelingen wird, einen Jackpot zu gewinnen, entweder einen Top-Jackpot oder mindestens einen der höheren Gewinne. Was bedeutet es, online Slots um echtes Geld zu spielen? Nun, für den Anfang sagen wir, es ist das Gegenteil von kostenlos spielen oder das Demo-Modus. Wenn du Online-Spielautomaten für Echtgeld spielst, bedeutet dies, dass du einen Echtgeldeinsatz getätigt hast und die potenziellen Preise je nach deinem Einsatz variieren.

How To Play Slots Online

Slots have been around for over a century, but they became immensely popular in the past several years, well to be more precise, since the first online slots were released. Online slots came about with the establishment of the first online casinos. Slots have been popular at land-based casinos too, but things really went to another level when they went online. So, ‘How to play slots online?’ is a pretty legitimate question, that is if you haven’t played slots before.

Arten Von Progressiven Jackpots

Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Online-Slots. Diejenigen, die online Slots gespielt haben, wissen, dass die Spiele hinsichtlich Thema, Gewinnlinien, Rollen, Symbolen und natürlich der Jackpot-Größe variieren. Spiele, die mit einem nicht fixierten Jackpot geliefert werden, d. H. je nachdem, wie viele Einsätze gemacht wurden, nennt man progressive Jackpot-Spiele oder progressive Jackpots oder nur progressive. So wie es verschiedene Arten von Slots gibt, gibt es verschiedene Arten von progressiven Jackpots. Progressive Jackpots sind zwar eine Untervariante von Online-Slots, es kann jedoch immer noch zwischen verschiedenen Progressivarten unterschieden werden.

Wie Spielt Man Slots Online

Spielautomaten gibt es schon seit über einem Jahrhundert, aber sie wurden in den letzten Jahren sehr populär, um genau zu sein, seit die ersten Online-Spielautomaten veröffentlicht wurden. Online Slots entstanden mit der Gründung der ersten Online Casinos. Slots waren auch in landbasierten Casinos beliebt, aber es ging wirklich auf ein anderes Niveau, als sie online gingen. „Wie spielt man Slots online?“ ist also eine recht legitime Frage, ob du noch keine Slots gespielt hast.

Online Slots For Real Money

Playing slots online is fun, not the least because the opportunity to win a real money prize. Of course, there are no guarantees, but everybody hopes that they will manage to win a jackpot, either a top jackpot or at least one of the higher in game prizes. What does it mean to play online slots for real money? Well, for start, let’s say it’s the opposite of playing for free, or in demo mode. When you’re playing online slots for real money, it means that you’ve made a real money wager and the potential prizes vary depending on your stake.